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Recovered fuel


All collected waste material is sorted, either at the source or at our LY Teräsmäki sorting center, and is utilized as raw material or in energy generation.  


Other non-recyclable material that is suitable for burning, such as different plastics (not PVC), timber, non-returnable paper and cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic foams, are crushed into energy-rich recovered fuel (REF). This REF is then shipped to energy and heat production stations with applicable burning permits. Our recovered fuel fills the REF I-II quality rating (SFS 5875). 


Wood Chip: 

LY makes wood chip from sorted, uncoated timber from construction and packaging industries. The material is chipped to suitable flakes and delivered to heat generation stations with applicable burning permits. 

In circular economy materials and their values remain in the industry.


Lakeuden Ympäristöhuolto Oy works on and develops it's operations and services in an environmentally stable manner, and to better the cirular economy as well as material and energy efficiency in all circumstances according to the legislation. 

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